Blogging At The End Of Earth

Every day that I can, I intend to write a short piece about what feels to many as the UNRAVELING.

Here in Hawaii, for example, supply chains and COVID, climate crisis (rain) combine to create a huge slop of water under our home, and rain pouring in at an entirely different leak in the house.

Invasive species and unending jungle growth have destroyed our yard with pig pits.

We came home to this after a long trip out to the Pacific NW, which ironically (?) had the longest drought in living history, ignited only by bursts of a June heat dome, and many tons of burning, smoky acres.

We are trying to relocate out there, but again, 2020 and 2021 snapped the supply chains like an ancient redwood tree falling to fire after a thousand year reign.

I will continue to write on Medium, and I will continue to be utterly baffled by how all of this stuff works, especially with someone who avoids social media like the plague that it truly is.

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