Rethink Our Meat Intake

It’s better for three things: animals, planet, and YOU

photo by Amanda Kerr on Unsplash

Thank a vegan

In my home we are not vegan. 

We appreciate that there are vegans. They are actually doing the world a tremendous favor as leaders in reducing suffering, protecting habitats, and diversifying diets and delicious cooking options.

But, we each hold down at least two jobs. For now, like many people who grew up with the ease of supermarkets, convenience food beckons.

This doesn’t mean we can’t all cut back. Some people still eat meat with every meal. This is a hold-out from the days when there were fewer human beings, more farm land, and less cruelty in factory farming.

Three things to attend

Animals suffer needlessly in factory farming. We can’t in good conscious continue to allow this and still call ourselves humane.

Obviously, the planet too, is suffering. The Amazon is being burned and cleared. Biological diversity and human diversity — the beauty of indigenous peoples suffers.

Finally, what we put in our bodies increases our personal suffering. It is well established now that fat, sugar, caffeine, and processed foods are atrocious, and contribute to heart disease, obesity, cancer, and more.

That is, our foodways are terrible, addictive, and delicious!

There is also a little problem of the next zoonotic virus, like COVID 19 emerged, — but still to come —  that will bite us when we bite it.

Keep in mind these three simple reasons to cut back on meat: 1.reduce suffering, 2. reduce suffering, and 3. reduce suffering.

Does the Carbon Debate Also Tax Your Relationships?

People are very polarized, as you notice each day now. The newest, widening division is about climate.

People are defensive about “man made” climate change because the implication is that we are all guilty. People can’t face the idea of being blamed, and in fact, they shouldn’t.

Certainly, some are more guilty than others, but this is victim blaming. As in the opiate crisis, the many, many dead were judged for their habits, and often, their  “culture” for far too long. Let’s point the finger instead to the dealers.

It is the dealers of the world who profit most, literally, from our addiction to fossil fuels. It was recently revealed that the top twenty polluting corporations of the world not only grow rich on toxic fuel, they are the origin of fully one third of all greenhouse gases spewing into your air each and every day.

Not only that, but they actively played crucial roles in the divide you see today. By undermining the science and blowing the smoke of confusion over public understanding, they have poisoned the well of human discourse, all the while that they poison the planet.

All this denial and all this dirty stuff is the real reason you are afraid to sit down at the table with your Aunt Mary, and racist, Uncle Bob. If you don’t yet realize that racism, sexism, inequality, disproportionate wealth, and climate justice are related, then you just have to talk  even more openly to those whose opinions you cannot yet understand.

The IMF is proposing a higher tax on carbon. But this does nothing to lift up the real victims and give them empowerment. It just seeks to tax those least responsible who are working people dependent on energy to buy all that plastic wrapped food.

Let’s not let them do it. It’s really, really important to our civilization that we unite against the real baddies. And, that’s why you have to keep love and conversation alive at the Thanksgiving Day Table.