Send Your Soul To The Sun

Upon Setting The JWST In Orbit Of The Sun

The James Webb Space Telescope could reveal our souls

Photo by Gillian George

The sun is source for all our heat

The source for all our light
Sun sends stars to dark with pulse, and beat
By healing our midnight

You feel the sun because we’re one
You and I are tethered 
Inside, outside, endless sun is shone
As years grow tan and leathered

Though we are petty, even small,
Though our tenure on Earths’ barely begun
Our sun can stretch our shadows tall
So, we send our souls into the sun

Our souls are heavy coins on silk
Other times, we soar, and sail
Our souls can be white as milk
Or twisted smoke of foul and fail

Our dreams are bigger than our hearts
Hubris can swell Titanic
Other times, they loom huge: our hearts
And our need, …becomes gigantic

Then we pop a bauble in the sky
We twinkle on our own
We send Jay Dub back home to spy
We triumph in what we’ve done

Emily Dickinson once noted we can hold
Whole skies, whole dreams, and seas
Treasures by the bucket load
Fallacies and galaxies

As we set forth, mining time,
I wonder, did she wonder?
What shores of unseen light shine?
What blasts of bursting thunder?

As sun’s rays polish the dawn
We’re overdrawn, dismal, and dreary
From agitated sleep we’re drawn
We’re restless, hot, we’re weary

We over drew from that good light
Worse, deep inside we knew
And yet, and yet, my hearts’ a kite
“What wonders we can do!”

Though at night, Sun’s wife, our world
Sinks sometimes, from our view
But persistent Sun soon swirls
Enlightenment: we are still glistening blue!

Night blots out what day can yield
miracles dance at dawn
Sun pulls us close, senses reveal

Once more: family is one

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